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In the words of James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, “It’s a man’s world” however in radiotherapy that is not the case. When I started as a student radiographer at the Middlesex Hospital in 1980, I was certainly a rarity and when I sat my DCR finals in a room […]

It’s (not) a man’s world!

The November Blog from Duncan Hynd…A Radiographers life in Radiotherapy Prima Facie is a Latin expression meaning on its first encounter or at first sight. The literal translation would be “at first face” or “at first appearance” from the feminine forms of primus and facies, both in the ablative case. […]

Death, Dying and DHA

A look at how we can attract more men to become therapeutic radiographers and how will the NHS’s need for an extra 2000 therapeutic radiographers by 2027 be met? When I started working at Mount Vernon in 1986 I had to wear a pair of steel toe cap boots when […]

These boots were made for walking…

When the designs were drawn up for a new private radiotherapy centre in Wimbledon in 2001 there were really no dedicated or specialist radiotherapy “heavy” door suppliers operating in the UK. The large US based companies that can deliver essentially “ready-made” bunkers or fast-build, high density brick-based systems were not […]

Wimbledon Serves Up a New Business Opportunity!

Will the critical shortages of therapy radiographers mean that we are about to be replaced by AI, robots and machine learning systems and that will essentially solve the training, retention and employment problems in our profession by stealth? The Society of Radiographers have just announced that the new apprentice programs […]

The role of a therapy radiographer in the age of ...

Redundancy I woke up the following morning after being made redundant in the autumn of 1995, called an accountant, met them and created Duncan Hynd Associates Limited or more commonly known now as DHA. I then spoke with some of the companies that I had worked with in my past […]

Duncan Hynd Associates is born

I moved to Mount Vernon Hospital from the Middlesex in 1985, located in Northwood, Greater London as the Lead Senior 1 Radiographer in charge of mould room services and under the auspices of the then Head of Radiotherapy Physics- Dr Ray Hudson, missing completely the Senior 2 level and a […]

People Buy People First!

In January I discussed radiographer retention and training and so this month I have included at the end a new article on Apprenticeships – “therapeutic and diagnostic radiography education moving forwards” specially written for this blog by Louise Coleman of the SCoR My last year as a student radiographer Entering […]

February Blog – Is that a smell of burning wax, ...

The impact of Brexit on Radiotherapy – February 1st 2019 We give Brexit a very brief review from a professional and corporate perspective and provide interesting and relevant professional links to provide some answers. Current Brexit status As I write this Teresa May’s government has just lost the vote in […]

The impact of Brexit on Radiotherapy