Action Radiotherapy Champions Network

Action Radiotherapy is the UK’s only charity dedicated to improving radiotherapy treatment. The charity believes that every cancer patient in the UK should have access to the best radiotherapy treatment available.

​The charity aims to support radiotherapy research and development and support radiotherapy professionals by providing online tools to enhance collaboration.

Action Radiotherapy’s Champion’s Network is joined together by a shared passion for promoting radiotherapy, as we all recognise radiotherapy and its professionals don’t get the recognition (and funding!) that it deserves.

Being part of the network means contributing to campaigns run by Action Radiotherapy. These various campaigns, whether it be petitions for more investment, pushing for technical advances, or addressing the covid-cancer backlog, all revolve around boosting radiotherapy’s profile. Prof. Pat Price (the chair of Action Radiotherapy) relies on input from network members to steer the focus of these campaigns and to gather supporting information. Through this vital connection with professionals, Action Radiotherapy can update the MPs representing radiotherapy in the All Party Parliamentary Group so they are aware of current issues and can ask relevant questions in Parliament. The more pressure in Parliament, the more chance there is of influencing policy (& purse strings).

What the champions have to say

‘In my role as the National Macmillan Therapeutic Radiography Fellow, I have seen first hand how much we have to do, to promote radiotherapy and the role radiotherapy professionals play. Being part of the Action Radiotherapy Champions Network has always aligned really well with my passion and motivation to promote radiotherapy, promote careers in radiotherapy and also ensure the inequity of radiotherapy provision is addressed. It is heartbreaking to see the disparity in radiotherapy treatments and techniques across the country and I know the work I do with Action Radiotherapy goes some way to help address this’

Jo McNamara – National Macmillan Therapeutic Radiography Clinical Fellow (Macmillan)

‘Radiotherapy is not a very well known profession for one reason or another, therefore I feel as therapeutic radiographers it is crucial that we use the charity as a platform to not only raise awareness of our profession and the amazing service we provide, but also to flag the current concerns, issues and barriers affecting the amazing radiotherapy service we could implement.

Being an Action Radiotherapy Champion has allowed me to elevate the voice of my own and colleagues to a wider audience and through the wonderful work of Prof Pat Price and the APPG-RT try to make positive changes and impact for our profession nationwide.’

Jakub Thornley – Lecturer (Radiotherapy and Oncology, Sheffield Hallam University)

‘Therapeutic Radiographers are a crucial part of a cancer patient’s journey and we need to continue to use Action Radiotherapy as a platform to raise awareness of what we do! This also allows us to address barriers to providing excellent patient centred care and use the All Party Parliamentary Group for Radiotherapy to lobby for positive change.

The Action Radiotherapy Champions Network has been an invaluable support to discuss the high and the lows during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Prof Pat Price’s inspirational leadership I hope we can continue promoting Radiotherapy and Therapeutic Radiographers.’

Naman Julka-Anderson – Macmillan Treatment Review Therapeutic Radiographer (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust)

‘Acting as a Champion for Action Radiotherapy allows me to act as a voice for both colleagues within Radiotherapy and be part of the conversation for patients. What could be more important than ensuring all patients have access to the best radiotherapy services no matter their location, along with helping to increase funding?

Working as a Dosimetrist in Radiotherapy Physics, our profession is unknown by many and helping to increase the awareness is essential. The fantastic work done by Action Radiotherapy has already helped to secure a SABR service for our patients in Shropshire, previously they would have travelled miles to receive this treatment.’

Amanda Welsh – Chief Dosimetrist (The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital)

‘I have worked in radiotherapy and oncology for over 20 years yet the role of therapeutic radiographers is still not very well-known. I see everyday the impact of underfunding, so when the opportunity arose to join the Action Radiotherapy Champions Network in order to raise public awareness of radiotherapy treatment and careers, as well as work with an amazing team of radiotherapy professionals, how could I say no? I feel the contribution we are making in terms of the radiotherapy APPG as well as the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign has helped to shine a spotlight on the incredible service we offer to our patients. I am also really proud of the fundraising we have done through the ‘Running for Radiotherapy’ and #Miles4radiotherapy campaign, which continued to gain momentum even throughout the pandemic.’

Claire Reynolds – (Senior Therapeutic Radiographer (The Christie Private Care @ HCAHealthcareUK)

‘Being a member of the Action Radiotherapy champions network over the last couple of years has given me the opportunity to network and meet other passionate radiotherapy professionals across the country. It has been great to be part of a team that is extremely enthusiastic about promoting the radiotherapy profession, as well as supporting each other, particularly through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Action Radiotherapy provides great support for patients and healthcare professionals across the UK in addition to providing vital fundraising for new radiotherapy research and development. I have been able to support and signpost patients, staff and students, using the knowledge that I have gained through working with Action Radiotherapy.’

Shannon Johnson – Rotational Therapeutic Radiographer (Beacon Centre, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton).

‘Being part of the champions network helps me stay up to date with what’s happening in radiotherapy, plus I get all my research and news updates from Action Radiotherapy’s daily news email (subscribe here!)’

The cherry on the top of being part of this network is the support and camaraderie of its members! Last summer I started running for the first time and managed Couch to 5K thanks to the encouragement from this network. I can’t wait for this year’s #Miles4radiotherapy” challenge and look forward to fundraising for Action Radiotherapy so their important work can continue.

Kim Meeking – Oncology Clinical Trials Start Up Manager (Edmonton, Canada).

‘Having been a Therapeutic Radiographer for over 10 years I have seen many exceptional changes in practise. However, it saddens me that the role of the Therapeutic Radiographer is still as relatively unknown as it was when I first started. Being an Action Radiotherapy Champion has allowed me to be an advocate for the profession on a local and national level. It’s been empowering working alongside the wider APPG-RT Group to lobby and raise awareness of current issues and barriers affecting service as well as showcasing the vital role of Therapeutic Radiographers and Radiotherapy professionals.’

Mariam Kalsoom – Therapeutic Radiographer Team Leader (The Arden Cancer Centre- Radiotherapy).

If you want to help support Action Radiotherapy we are launching on the 1st July the #Miles4Radiotherapy campaign. We aspire to have every department, manufacturer, company and HEI involved in radiotherapy nationally to create a team, get a bit competitive, raise some money, but also help raise the profile of radiotherapy and the professionals instrumental in radiotherapy delivery!