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things you need to know for November 2021

Our curated news-feed from partners and the media featuring: The #StandUp4RT virtual Expo initiative, Rad Talk Pod introduction, a brief focus on two companies leading the way in implementing AI in radiotherapy and a vision of the future from the ICR.

A ‘Virtual Stand-Up for Radiotherapy’, a virtual Expo innovation between RadPro and Action Radiotherapy

We have recently announced a joint venture with Action Radiotherapy whereby if a company or organisation working in radiotherapy takes a new interactive 3D stand on our @Virtual Stand-Up for Radiotherapy’ RadPro Expo, half of the proceeds go directly to Action Radiotherapy, the UKs only charity dedicated to improving radiotherapy.

It’s low cost, online 24/7 all year round and we create the stand for you based on a simple template that you complete.

Find our more here: https://www.radpro.org.uk/365-live/

It would be great to have you on board!

Rad Talk Pod is the new cancer specific podcast, designed for cancer patients, healthcare professionals and educationalists.

Hosted by Jo McNamara and Naman Julka-Anderson, both therapeutic radiographers who have unique backgrounds, bringing specialist knowledge and skills to the conversation. They have already had some truly amazing guests including Charlotte Beardmore, Janice St John Mathews and Will Kinnard to name but a few, with more high-profile guests lined up until March next year. Their guests include cancer patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, and leaders within healthcare.

The new podcast is designed to educate and inform healthcare professionals working in oncology with impending CPD accreditation. Alongside every podcast are some reflective questions and links to resources and research. The podcast is an easily accessible platform to promote the profession and share patient stories and experiences.

”We started this podcast to help promote our profession and showcase the balance between the interpersonal skills and technical knowledge we use on a daily basis to treat cancer patients with Radiotherapy. I really believe it can have a huge impact for Radiography as a whole with the diverse range of patients, students and healthcare professionals we have lined up as guests.” Naman Julka-Anderson

”Rad Talk Pod is a great way for all healthcare professionals to stay connected with what’s happening in all aspects of oncology. Naman and I have over 25 years’ experience working in the field, which helps us navigate this often complex and fast paced area of healthcare.

The best thing about Rad Talk Pod is that we work hard to bring our listeners, not only brilliant guests, but lots of different voices to share their experiences and expertise on this often complex and emotive topic.

Finally, it’s important to me that we ensure Rad Talk Pod is accessible and relevant to all our audience – which is why we love to hear feedback and questions from our listeners to make sure we always hit the spot.” Jo McNamara

The RadPro radiotherapy world-view news will feature selected Rad Talk podcasts in our new Blog and Podcast section below.

Go to Rad Talk Pod here: https://open.spotify.com/show/7piSEZGgBQbv6r9ZFLVEkr

A brief look at two companies leading the way in implementing AI into the clinical radiotherapy routine:

Together with researchers at Linköping University, RaySearch participates in ASSIST.

A new European research project in which RaySearch will focus on developing deep learning models to help making clinical workflow in radiation therapy more efficient.

Find out more here: https://liu.se/en/news-item/nytt-forskningsprojekt-vill-korta-vardkoerna-efter-pandemin

How AI is Improving Cancer Radiation Therapy: MVision

Listen to this new podcast in the Age of AI Series from Sanpram Transnational Corp about our guideline-based AI segmentation, GBAIS™, software for radiotherapy:

Listen to the podcast here: https://sanpram.com/2021/11/15/radiation-therapy-mvision/

The year 2035: What is the future of cancer research and treatment?

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated many changes in cancer research, and shown we can do things in radically different ways – as we heard at a series of ‘Year 2035’ talks at this year’s National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Festival. Here we take a look at three key themes emerging from these talks: the challenges of adapting cancer treatment for an ageing population, the importance of equality and diversity, and clinical trials in a post-Covid world.

Listen here: https://www.icr.ac.uk/blogs/science-talk/page-details/the-year-2035-what-is-the-future-of-cancer-research-and-treatment

Webcrawler- November ‘21

Bite-Size world news-items in radiotherapy

A physician-led center will have the first Mevion compact proton therapy system in Kansas.


Award-winning abstracts confirm benefits of Elekta Unity in precision radiation therapy


Why Cancer Remains a Global Threat


If British cancer care is to catch up with other countries, we need to invest more in radiotherapy


New £23m Christie cancer centre opens in Cheshire next month offering specialist treatment


Radiotherapy may explain heart disease in childhood cancer survivors


National Association for Proton Therapy – The 10th National Proton Conference will be hosted April 3-6, 2022.


Pioneering new radiation therapy for animals now available in Yorkshire using a superficial radiotherapy system


Accuray CyberKnife® Robotic Radiotherapy Platform Expands Range of Neurological Indications That Can Be Effectively Treated With Stereotactic Radiosurgery


Fun Facts

Did you know that the MEVION S250™ provides next-generation proton therapy, built on the world’s only gantry-mounted proton accelerator?

You can find out more about Mevion Medical here: https://www.mevion.com/

Blog and Podcasts: Our selection of leading blogs and podcasts in our field

The movie ‘Flashdance’ was a romantic, dance-based drama famous for its title track, ‘What A Feeling’ but with companies and research groups creating their own ‘song and dance’ right now about the rapid advances in Flash RT, what is your feeling on its likely impact on clinical radiotherapy and when?

Read more: https://www.radpro.org.uk/2021/11/04/blog-november-2021/

The November blog by Duncan Hynd DCR(t)…A Radiographer’s Life, a 40-year career in Radiotherapy.

Podcast 15.

Discussion about the Society and College of Radiographers, Radiography Workforce and European Federation of Radiographer Societies. Naman Julka-Anderson and Jo McNamara catch up with Charlotte Beardmore who is a Registered Radiographer (Diagnostic and Therapeutic), Executive Director of Professional Policy at the Society and College of Radiographers, President of the European Federation of Radiographer Societies and an Honorary member of the Royal College of Radiologists.

Join in here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6BcweFNMI2lBvPxHLXdsGq

PTW Podcasts – The Dosimetry School

The Dosimetry School podcasts provide expert knowledge on various topics of dosimetry of ionizing radiation.

Join in here: https://www.ptwdosimetry.com/en/services/education-training/#c12427

And finally – RadPro TV!

Our featured video of the month

Elekta Harmony Radiotherapy System Walk-around

Watch here: https://www.itnonline.com/videos/video-elekta-harmony-radiotherapy-system-walk-around

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