At RadPro we don’t stand still but innovate and so have now changed the 365 Live format to better reflect the needs of our radiotherapy world, our readers and corporate partners.

The RadPro EXPO virtual radiotherapy congress and exhibition concept started in 2011 and was the first ever virtual event dedicated to radiotherapy professionals worldwide.

This innovative congress allowed everyone in the radiotherapy community to come together, initially once per year in an extremely cost effective and time efficient way to share radiotherapy information, without the need to travel or take time off work. The EXPO virtual exhibition component allowed each partner company and organisation to showcase their latest news, products and services with their own bespoke virtual stand.

Our latest 365 Live website format now combines a new radiotherapy based opinion forum called YouRad that offers 3 types of survey format: instantly updated polls with limited yes/no answers on hot topics in our field, more complex surveys that look further into and examine more detailed issues in our sphere and lastly our Opinion RT section that each month features a thought provoking story in the international media that we will ask you to comment on. The Opinion RT section will also feature in our leading monthly industry focused News-Zone e-news and so better links these two platforms together.

YouRad will feature both corporate and clinical information while our partners are able to set the polls and surveys as are any of our readers and results will be published both online in our website and also in our News-Zone each month.

Alongside YouRad will be our innovative radiotherapy EXPO virtual exhibition platform that allows partner companies and organisations to promote their products and services with their own virtual booth. This industry based online directory is updated regularly and each stand has a chatbot that interacts with readers and provides feedback and lead generation. Each partner will be able to set their own polls and surveys and publish Opinion RT articles.


The opinion poll and survey site for radiotherapy professionals worldwide. We simply ask “What does the radiotherapy world think”?

Each monthly News-Zone e-news will contain links to the latest polls and surveys submitted by our partner companies, organisations, healthcare providers and international readers. The results of each survey will be published on the website, you don’t need to leave your email address and therefore your data will not be shared with anyone. YouRad simply provides a statistical analysis of polls and surveys from a website that is free to access without any formal membership. There will be an evolving directory and archive for our polls and surveys based on current radiotherapy trends, techniques, products and services. So please come back regularly to participate.

We will run regular simple question-based opinions polls and more complex monthly surveys. As you participate the results will be automatically updated. There will also be our monthly Opinion RT news item that we ask you to comment on that will link through our News-Zone enews.

Example question-based opinion poll

How will Artificial Intelligence impact on the role of the therapeutic radiographer or radiation therapist?

  • Not at all
  • Minor Impact
  • Moderate impact
  • Major impact
  • Change the role completely
  • Robots will deliver radiotherapy treatment in the future

These polls will be updated in real time and can be submitted by and partner organisation or reader. When the closing date is reached, we will publish the results on our social media feeds and the website.

Detailed Radiotherapy Survey example

How can we attract more male radiographers now and also a further 2000 more in general by 2027 or in just 7 years-time?

A Cancer Research UK paper suggest that an 80% growth of therapeutic radiographer is required in 2017 or an additional 2000 people.

A Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) research project has also now been launched to look at how to attract more men to become therapeutic radiographers.

This example survey will look in detail at the issues and problems involved and your thoughts on how these might be mitigated by a series of questions and answers.

Opinion RT

We want your opinion on important recent Radiotherapy news items published in the international media.

Every month we will release an interesting, thought-provoking and important, topical or perhaps a controversial radiotherapy news item in our monthly industry standard News-Zone and ask our members and readers to simply comment on it and publish those comments.

It could be a corporate or clinical news item and you can also choose a category such as; Like, Dislike, Agree or Disagree and then write some comments if you wish.

A sample Opinion RT article might be on the future of Flash Radiotherapy and how it will impact on us.

EXPO Virtual Radiotherapy Exhibition

There is a fully interactive virtual exhibition where companies, organisations and hospitals display the latest information on their products and services while showcasing their organisation.

We will send you a simple template to create your own virtual booth if you wish to participate

Just click on the individual booths to read more on their regularly updated hot topics such as Press Releases, new Products and Services, Career Opportunities and Videos among many other areas of interest. The links will change frequently and so please return again as soon as possible!

There is also a Coffee Zone where vouchers for coffee can be won to be enjoyed as you participate.

Education and Recruitment

Lastly, we have kept our popular Education, CPD and Recruitment sections to upload your upcoming events, courses, meetings and any career and job opportunities you may have.