With the ICR announcing that ‘Advanced radiotherapy must play central role’ in clearing Covid’s cancer backlog’ and that only 8% of people surveyed consider radiotherapy cutting edge with others ‘sceptical’, what should we do right now to solve radiotherapy’s PR problem? Read more: https://www.icr.ac.uk/news-archive/advanced-radiotherapy-must-play-central-role-in-clearing-covid-s-cancer-backlog Aside from a new policy of […]

How do we solve Radiotherapy’s PR problem?

With the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign demanding an urgent super-boost of radiotherapy services in the UK to counter the dramatic effects on cancer patients due to Covid19, lockdowns and long-term underfunding, we ask you what should the priorities be for our sector? You can answer Yes or No to one or more […]

#CatchUpWithCancer Survey

I thought I was the next James Dyson but my vacuum technology was not disruptive enough! However, in radiotherapy we continue to disrupt current working practices with the latest innovations. What is Disruptive Technology? According to Investopedia it is this: “Disruptive technology is an innovation that significantly alters the way […]

I thought I was the next James Dyson but my ...