Our Vision

We want to give everyone involved within the radiotherapy community the simplest way to keep up to date and share knowledge while continuing to develop the website with innovative and new online tools.

Our latest 365 Live website format now combines a new radiotherapy-based opinion forum called YouRad, “The opinion poll and survey site for radiotherapy professionals worldwide” where we simply ask “What does the radiotherapy world think”?

This new platform offers 3 types of survey format: instantly updated polls with limited yes/no answers on hot topics in our field, more complex surveys that look further into and examine more detailed issues in our world and lastly our Opinion RT section that each month features a thought provoking story in the international media that we will ask you to comment on. The Opinion RT section will also feature in our leading monthly industry focused News-Zone e-news. The forum will feature both corporate and clinical information while our partners are able to set the polls and surveys as are any of our readers and results will be published both online in our website and also in our News-Zone each month.

Alongside YouRad will be our innovative radiotherapy EXPO virtual exhibition that allows partner companies and organisations to promote their products and services with their own virtual booth. This industry based online directory is updated regularly and each stand has a chatbot that interacts with readers and provides feedback and lead generation.

The forum will be updated daily with new clinical and product information, polls and surveys, new companies and organisations and new jobs, CPD and events as they come online and so please come back again soon. There is now a new monthly blog to read entitled “A Radiographers Life … a career in Radiotherapy”. Each key page on our site has a Q and A section for comment and reply at the bottom and so please use these facilities to get the most from the forum and to share your thought with your peers.

For more detailed information please go to our About page.

Lastly, if you wish to keep up with the latest radiotherapy news on a daily basis try out our live news feed available here https://www.radpro.org.uk/live-news/ or download our app to your mobile phone.